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wish list ’09

Around this time last year, I wrote a wish list of things I would like, if only I had people buying me holiday presents. I figured I might as well see what I want this year.

Sheets. I would like sheets. Soft sheets, that properly fit the bed I sleep in. I am tired of rough, too-big sheets.

A light table! My art often requires me to trace things repeatedly. Without a light table, I am forced to tape things to windows on sunny days, pushing through discomfort and shaking the ink back toward the tip of my pen. If I just had a light table, these steps would be SO much easier.

A sequined skirt. I would love one in silver, but I’d totally take one in black. Along with this, I really, really want someplace to wear it to on new years.

Beyond that (and trust me, even this short list has been a stretch) I don’t want things.

I want my mom to move the damn green table out of this place, so I can de-cramp my studio.

I want all of her stuff out of here, actually, but that’s like wishing for the taj mahal.

I want to get into grad school.

I want a job.

I want to be able to get coffee with the scientist. I want it to be casual and pleasant.

Unfortunately, I don’t think those are things any Santa could really deliver on. A team of movers, an admissions board, and cupid, maybe. But not Santa.


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An Open Letter

To a Man who is Not Yet in My Life:

I wish you were already, because I’m sick of being alone, sick of eating all my meals alone, sick of drinking two glasses of wine alone and having no one to talk to. Sick of it being late in the night and having no one to be on the phone with in a loose, relaxed manner. Sick of having no one to rough and tumble with.

I wish I could meet and trust you.


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House Dreaming

I am lusting after this house:

Look at it.

Isn’t it cute? The dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the backyard, oh, the backyard! How I lust after this house and it’s backyard. It’s in the central valley of CA, about 4 hours away from LA. Now then- why on earth would I lust after a house far away from the big city, in a small town known for its conservative attitudes and lack of cultural variety?

Because I could ride my bike around there without feeling like I was in danger. Because there is a theater company I could involve myself in for doses of creativity. Because there are places I could work, friends to help me find work, friends to socialize with. Because it would be more quiet. Because it would be (much as I love her) farther from my mom, whose things still fill this place, whose things are impossible to move or condense any further, who checks in when I’m away and moves things, leaves weird things in the fridge, sleeps on my clean sheets, gets dishes dirtier by washing them than if she just hadn’t bothered, takes away things I use and leaves things I don’t. After a year of living in her crowded apartment, of leaving cardboard boxes full of packing hope to be emptied with time and neglect, of waiting around helplessly while nothing happens, I just want to leave. I want to leave this entire city just to get away from this living situation.

So, a pretty house in a cheaper area that can offer me a few nice things, with wide, empty rooms, unblemished by any one else’s packrat habits- it seems like a dream. That’s all this lovely house (and every other house and apartment I looked at in this smaller town) is right now, dreaming- I’m applying to grad school here in LA, won’t find out about it until mid-March- but the dreaming gives me a wistful sort of hope that all these damn cardboard boxes I’ve still got around, meant for her stuff, may someday still be used, even if only for repacking my own things in to.

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A Comparison

This is MacGyver. Angus MacGyver.

In’nt he cute?

This is Dr. Who. David Tennant-Dr. Who.

He’s a cutie too.

Now, I’ve realized something. These two fellows have quite a bit in common.
They are both (as stated afore) absolute cuties.
They can also be absolutely sexy hotties.
I watch both of them during the day on reruns I have recorded while I slept.
They are both pacifists.
They both hate guns.
They are both tall.
They both have a signature tool- MacGyver has a swiss army knife and Dr. Who has a sonic screwdriver.
They both travel a lot.
They both have a wondrous capacity for getting out of a scrape.
They are both quite clever in action and reparte.
They are both rather iconic and inspire followers.
They are both pretty snappy dressers, for their circumstances.
They have each made quite a name for themselves.
They are both cool-headed in an emergency.
They both work for good.
They both have pretty cool modes of transportation, and can do all their own repairs.
Neither has a problem with the ladies.
They are both fictional tv characters.
If I met either of them in real life, they would both be too old for me.
I have total crushes on both of them anyway.

See? Lots in common.

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Oh man, biggest craving I’ve had in a long time, hitting now:
I want Govinda’s To Go. Moreso, I want a Philly Chicken Cheese Steak- fake chicken and real bell peppers, grilled, with mozzarella, no soy mayo, on a sesame roll.

and really, I could go for a date with this sandwich, which really says something about how much I would like the sandwich, because normally I would never choose to eat something so potentially messy on a date.

Oh, “Chicken” Cheese Steak, how I long for thee- wait for me, I’ll visit someday, I promise- wait for me!

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List-y mood part 1: holiday wishlist

If only I had a ton of wealthy people willing to buy me holiday presents, these are some of the things I would hope for:

This is a 5-piece Wusthof knife set. 8″ cook’s, 9″ carving, 8″ bread and 4″ paring knifes, along with sharpening steel. Oh, kitchen sexy!

KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-head Stand Mixer. I’ve been trying to win one, to no avail. But ohhhh, this makes me swoon.

I LOVE The Sound of Music. Love it. I can watch it over and over again. It is silly that I don’t own it.

My line of art calls for a camera. I use one both to create images to work from and for documentation of progress and finished pieces. My current point-and-shoot has decided it can only take blurry photos. This is the Canon Powershot S10. I figure if I’m pretending to ask fictional wealthy friends, I might as well go for a nice one to replace it.

After I use that camera, I usually need to edit my photos. This was easy when I had access to a school computer lab. Now I lack proper photoshopability. Need.

Eh, not really. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t turn it down if someone really offered, but I mostly stuck that in there to add some excitement to my list of kitchen tools, dvd and work tools. I’m rather practical, and this makes it surprisingly hard to come up with a list like this. Really, It’s incredible how long it took me to even think of these things.
You know what I could also use, though? A JOB. Then maybe I could afford these things for myself.

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hermes shoes

(ok so yeah I probably wouldn’t even wear them because I’m more of a flats and boots kinda gal, but WOAH HOW COOL ARE THESE. I think perhaps I would change into a big sneaker kinda gal for these.)

check it out.

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